Mike and Dillion began their digital marketing careers in two very different ways but each of them became experts in their perspective fields. As fate would have it, they met up and began talking with each other about their specific areas of expertise. It wasn’t long into the conversation when they both realized a partnership between the two of them could lead to life changing events. And the rest is history.

Dillion comes from the world of SEO. He took to SEO like a fish takes to water. He’s worked on and ranked websites in countless niches, from addiction rehab to local door repair. If there’s a website that needs to be ranked, he’s the guy. He’s done everything, from building nation 20K+ page websites out from scratch to taking over failing projects and giving them a new lease on life. Having a military background his moto is, “No site left behind.”

Mike come from the world of Accounting and Amazon FBA. Being a licenced CPA, he understands numbers better than Rain Man. When it comes to tracking cash flow, P/L, ROI and various other indicators, you’ll have a hard time finding someone better. Not only this but he’s also the king of building out SOP’s (standard operating procedures). If you need a system built that can run on autopilot, Mike’s the guy you’ve been looking for.

Turing Digital Marketing is an Internet Marketing company that is 100% dedicated to the success of our clients. We go out of our way to guarantee the best customer satisfaction through our professional services. We take testing into our own hands which allows us to continuously be one step ahead of the competition. Our methods allow us to continuously succeed and find success while others fail. We are founded on transparency between ourselves and our customers and while we cannot guarantee rankings, we can tell you that we will help to make your business stand above your competition.